About Us

About Us

XPRT was founded in 2004. Our technicians account for over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience in preventive maintenance and repair procedures. As a result, we excel in troubleshooting equipment failures, isolating the faulty components, and providing customers with a precise estimate of repair. Our skilled technicians allow us to currently service a vast range of different medical equipment types from a variety of OEM manufacturers. Hard work, dedication, honesty, integrity, flexibility, and reliability are just some of the important key traits that form the basis of our foundation. Our goal is to utilize our diversity and emerge as a one stop service shop, handling all of your equipment service needs. XPRT offers very competitive, yet affordable quality services. We strive to earn your trust and build upon our positive reputation. What sets us apart from other service companies is our keen attention to detail, the ability to service a wide range of equipment types, descriptiveness and honesty of our evaluations, all while truly providing an unmatched turnaround time. The Biomed department is fully equipped with all the proper tools and test equipment required to perform calibrations and performance certifications per OEM’s structured testing procedures. To ensure and maximize the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of our services we have implemented several custom designed test stations and utilize a custom built equipment management software program. We strongly believe in maintaining an exceptionally organized biomed shop. This allows us to increase our efficiency and productivity all while minimizing the potential for errors.

Mission Statement

Our mission is dedicated to providing efficient, reliable, high quality services with integrity. Utilizing our detailed expertise, while implementing innovative methods, creating a new level of standard toward customer expectation.

Vision Statement

To be the criterion for maintenance/repair in the medical equipment service industry. Recognized for our dedication, innovative programs, ethics of business practices, and quality of our customer’s overall service experience.

Core Values

🔹 Service Excellence
🔹 Respect
🔹 Integrity
🔹 Honesty
🔹 Trustworthy
🔹 Reliability
🔹 Dependability
🔹 Innovative